Thông Tin Diễn Viên

Scotty P

Before Scotty P got into the smut biz, he was a professional dancer and choreographer for eighteen years, working alongside celebrities as well as teaching his skills to others. Born in St Louis, Missouri, Scotty P initially made his way to LA to pursue his dancing ambitions. When it became more difficult to make money through dancing, the chiseled stud decided on a career change, and so went from busting moves on the dance floor to busting his nuts in tight pussies! A natural in front of the camera, the athletic hunk is using his massive cock to fuck his way through the most beautiful babes in the industry. His costars love Scotty P not only for his sexy skills and toned abs, but also for his friendly demeanor and sense of humor on set. See for yourself just how talented Scotty P is by checking out the scenes below!
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